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Getting Started at K.A.C.

Eligibility and admission is determined in an introductory meeting and clinical assessment conducted at a Kentucky Addiction Center. Treatment is customized for each client and guided by the initial assessment. The more detailed knowledge of our client’s wellness needs, the better our treatment plan will be.

Kentucky Addiction Centers Outpatient services are generally more affordable than inpatient programs since they do not include the expenses of room and board and other costs of inpatient programs. Most major insurances are accepted and typically cover most costs associated with outpatient treatment.

At KAC, we pride ourselves in our treatment centers that offer a range of confidential treatment programs and services designed to fit each client’s needs, type and severity of the addiction, and stage of recovery. Our outpatient programs allow clients the freedom to continue living at home and in their community, living a healthy and well-fulfilled life.

We take our time to know the conditions our clients are in; this is to enable us to proffer the proper treatment procedure for them. With a team of professionals, we aim at doing our utmost best in getting YOU back to shape in no time so you can have your life again and be with family and friends.

Complete Lifestyle Relief Assistance To Help You Win Back Control of Your Life 

Our staff at Kentucky Addiction Centers consists of some of the most caring, committed and experienced addiction treatment professionals in the industry. In addition to recovery therapies, Kentucky Addiction Centers also help patients with: 

  • SNAP Benefit Applications 
  • Social Security Card Applications
  • Assistance to apply for disability through social security administration
  • GED services 
  • Apartment Application for income based housing 
  • Job Fairs 
  • MEDI CAB - transportation assistance to and from clinic as well as to pharmacy 
  • Start enrollment process for college 

How K.A.C. Treatment Is Different

Customized Treatment Plans For Specific Needs

At KAC, we develop programs that keep patients in accountability. The program offers the steps and tools it takes to live a sober and productive lifestyle without mind, mood, and altering substances other than the proper medication provided to fight against addiction. This program also provides patients with resources they need to begin their new lives.

Systems To Help Get Back Complete Control of Your Day

We know that past trauma and learning how to live without their negative support system is a significant challenge. That’s why, we at KAC teaches CBT to help our patient learn new coping skills, what to do when triggered by an emotion, and possible medication management by a psychiatrist — also having peer support that understands their addiction and Targeted Case Management to help them with housing, education, etc.

This program has given me the self-esteem and confidence that I need daily.  Knowing that I have people who know me and will listen to help me find the solutions to problems that I have.  They help me find solutions to problems or deal with stress and not by using.  The staff really cares and wants you to succeed.  They are invested in your well-being which makes the world of difference.  Without their compassion and caring I would not have been able to maintain my sobriety.

Patient Testimonial

Treatment Options At

Kentucky Addiction Centers

Outpatient Services (OP)

Intensive Outpatient Services (IOP)

Group Outpatient Services (GOP)

Medication Assisted Treatment (MAT) and Drug Replacement Therapy

Referral Assistance for More Specialized Services or Care

Living in Balance & Matrix Models

Substance Abuse Treatment

Individual Therapy

Drug Screening

Your Commitment with
Our Process To Get Life Back On Track

KAC is your Trusted And Accredited ADDICTION RECOVERY AND FAMILY EDUCATION COUNSELING MEDICATION ASSISTED TREATMENT (MAT) Clinic Serving KEntucky for over 5 years and helping more than 2,000 patients recover from addiction.