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Paducah's Premier Outpatient Suboxone Clinic & Alcohol Treatment Provider

We believe in second chances and help patients create the environment for change.

A second chance can mean a new start with a good job, great home, and family that trusts you.  

However,  substance and/or alcohol abuse limits opportunities and damages relationships. 

Individuals with addiction problems feel hopeless and that’s just wrong.

You know what though, we have helped 2,000+ patients get through this problem.

The reason we’ve done this is WE CARE and we have built a proven treatment system

We understand the struggle and pain. 

This is how we have helped those people:

[+] We Listen when you call

[+] We help you Plan your new life

[+] We Help you execute the plan weekly

Because no one should ever feel worthless, hopeless or alone in this world. 

Give us a call now to begin your second chance and you need to do it today.

Because if you don’t do it today it means less time you will get to enjoy in your new life  and we don’t want that to happen we want you to have the best life filled with joy, happiness, and control over your day.

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“Coming to Kentucky Addiction Centers has been one of the best decisions in my life. I have struggled for many years with not only addiction but anxiety, depression, the unknown, and the scary part of facing life sober. From the moment I came here everyone has been kind and caring. They make sure that if I need anything, they are always available. 

They not only care about me but they care about how my family is doing while I am in recovery.

This is not just a paycheck for them it is a lot more, these people CARE, they LISTEN. They have been by saving grace. If you would have asked me a year ago if I would have been here, I would have said NO. Everyday I am grateful for everyone here. I have learned to deal with life through sober eyes and I feel very blessed. Thank you to everyone at KAC.”

K.A.C. Patient Testimonial

K.A.C. Has Been Serving In Kentucky For 

Over 5 years & Pleased To Be Able To Offer our programs in paducah, KY

Registered Adult Recovery Peer Support Specialist

Our employees have walked in your shoes , knows the feelings, struggles, and give guidance to the journey our patients are on to regain full control of their lives. 

At KAC, we have a team of well-trained peer support specialist that have battled and overcame their addiction. Now they have specialized training to help our patients get through the same stage of addiction and have a more productive life. Our counselors don’t discriminate and since they were once addict, they share life experiences that motivates and strengthens our patients to give in their best in achieving total transformation.

At KAC we have the necessary skilled specialist that will administer the right treatment plan for you and would work with you towards overcoming the addiction and having a total transformation. You can decide to visit any of our outpatient rehab centers and get the best care available.

Give us a call today and observe your total transformation.

 At KAC, we care about YOU!

Our services cover all stages, including those transitioning out of inpatient therapy or looking for continuing care and prevention support.

We take our time to understand your needs and go beyond the standard detox and cessation. This is to provide real-life practical skills needed for you to transform and get back to your daily life routine.

We help build a home environment that supports health and sobriety while helping loved ones heal from the challenging effects of addiction. 

Insurances Accepted At All K.A.C. Clinics

Many insurance companies have accepted substance use disorder as a disease that requires professional treatment, making it easier for those insured to access the services they need. However, not all insurance companies provide coverage for addiction treatment, making it difficult for some to pay for the care they need.

At KAC, we accept a wide variety of different insurances, which enables us to help as many people as possible. We also strive to make the payment process as simple and streamlined as possible.

And Many More. Call Today To Get Full List.

See For Yourself How K.A.C. Has Helped Over 2,000 Patients​.

"This program has given me the self-esteem and confidence that I need daily. Knowing that I have people who know me and will listen to help me find the solutions to problems that I have.

They help me find solutions to problems or deal with stress and not by using. The staff really cares and wants you to succeed. They are invested in your well-being which makes the world of difference. Without their compassion and caring I would not have been able to maintain my sobriety."


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